Vacation Vibes Playlist

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Summer Mix Series Vol. 2: Vacation Vibes


Journey through a tropical oasis with this trio of tropical-inspired fragrances that will give you the sweet escape you deserve. This playlist features three (3) 9oz candles (over 120 burn hours), a complimentary matchbox, and a curated music playlist to bring the vacation vibes to your home.


Scent: Coastal Amber + Teakwood

Inspired by WizKid “Essence”, this complex, yet intriguingly sexy fragrance exudes the essence of tropical fever. With top notes of ginger colliding with exotic spices. Middle notes of smokey tobacco leaf and teakwood, and base notes of rich amber, sandalwood and dark musk.


Scent: Passion Fruit + Plumeria

Indulge in forbidden fruits, with this passionate yet playful fragrance, inspired by Drake “Passionfruit”. With a tantalizing mix of juicy passion fruit, sweet plumeria and orchids, and papaya. Finished with a cacao and guaiac wood base.

"Wild Thoughts"

Scent: Agave Lime + Coconut

Prepare to get wild with this intoxicatingly refreshing fragrance, inspired by DJ Khalid “Wild Thoughts”. It’s a unique blend of fresh lime and citron, smooth coconut and white florals, and a sea salt, driftwood and blue agave base.

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