Incense Sticks

Incense Sticks

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Uplift your vibes and experience our signature scents in hand-dipped incense sticks. Incense sticks provide smoky yet sophisticated aromas that linger to mask your space. Each incense stick has a burn time of 1-hour. Available in our signature Grind + Shine scents, along with their curated music playlists. 


JUICY - Tropical Fruit + Saffron + Jamaican Rum

DEDICATION Cashmere Leather + Cognac

STAY WOKE Sage + Palo Santo 

FOCUS Bergamot + Lavendar Oud + Resins

GOOD AS HELL Jasmine + Apricot + Amber



Hand-dipped Fragrance

Natural Charcoal Incense 

15 Sticks

15+ Burn Hours