MAKTUB // مَكْتُوب // “It Is Written”

It’s known that both music and scent are the greatest tie to forming and recalling memories. Think about it- the scent of summer rain that draws you back to your youthful summer vacations. What about that song from your first romance that will forever be sentimental with the wistful affection you felt at that time.

From rhythm to lyrics, music creates instant connections to a time, a place and to each other; and nostalgic aroma’s tend to immediately reincarnate feelings of joy and happiness. You never forget how those scents and songs made you feel at any moment.

MAKTUB candles sparks those moments while creating new ones, by pairing your favorite songs with fragrant scents, creating a sensorially immersive vibe for you to experience at home, in the office, or on-the-go. 


Hand-mixed in Los Angeles, CA with a curated blend of virgin coconut wax, natural soy wax, and an FDA approved amount of highly refined food-grade paraffin wax for enhanced performance. It's vegan-safe and free of gluten, toxins, parabens and phthalates.

Our wicks are made of natural wood, that offers a subtle crackling effect when lit, similar to the sensation of a fireplace burning in the distance.

Our fragrances are phthalate free, luxury scents, that typically make up 12-15% of our candles.

Our vessels are keepsakes, meant to be repurposed after its intended use is fulfilled. 

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MAKTUB Studio highly suggests that before lighting your candles you thoroughly read and follow the burn instructions, which can be found on the bottom of our candle tins. Because each candle uses different waxes, wicks, vessels, fragrances, it's important to read and follow care instructions provided that are specific to our candles. MAKTUB Studio does not guarantee how a wick or fragrance will perform and is not responsible or liable for any damages due to improper care.


MAKTUB Studio is a black-owned candle company.